Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 144 - From yard waste to good mulch

Frederick county is big on recycling. In 2006, the county banned yard waste from the landfill and established two recycling locations for us to dump our leaves, brush, grass, etc. Today I added some grass and a couple of dead limbs to the pile. The big machine below is a monster size mulcher that takes the stuff pictured above ...

... and produces a big pile of free mulch. The only issue is that we must haul it ourselves (both ways!)


Gawdess said...

a great photo essay!!!

the teach said...

Lew, you asked if the subject was "Shoes of the Fisherman" what shoes would I wear? Well, of course I'd wear sandals. The reference is to Peter who was a simple fisherman and whom Christ named as the first Bishop of Rome, the first Pope. It's taken from the novel by Morris West (an incredible novel that I read when I was young and Catholic).

Come visit me tomorrow, Sunday May 25, to celebrate my birthday! There'll be cake and balloons.:D