Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 143 - Legal reflection?

Our year-old HDTV recently developed a black line down the right side of the screen. I checked the warranty and lo and behold, Costco adds 2 years to the manufacturers warranty. So I called them last week and they referred me to their nearest service rep in Leesburg, VA a mere 25 miles away. A few more phone calls and I had an appointment to meet with said rep this morning. I was told that their place was on the lower level of the "Barrister Building". Sounds like a strange place for a TV repair place (unless they need a lot of legal help). When I got there and didn't find their name on the list of tenants, I started asking questions. Several people never heard of them, but in one office, I was told "Oh yea, we handle drop-offs for them. Have a seat." Turns out, the TV repair place was 2 buildings down the street, but the landlord raised the rent too much and they work out of a garage somewhere else. They do house calls, as most of their work is for very large screen TVs. Per Costco, ours is not "that large". In any case, the sun was shining, so I took a photo of the building reflected in my car window. We should hear the fate of our TV tomorrow.


Gawdess said...

that is so clear! and just bent enough to make you realize that it has to be a reflection!

Karin said...

It's so clear it makes you look twice before you realize it's a reflection. Very nice!