Sunday, May 11, 2008

Day 132 - Living memories of Mom

Mom loved flowers. I remember tulips from when I was about 3. At the home Mom and Dad lived out the last 30-some years of their lives there, they had room for lots of flowers: azaleas, pansies, roses, iris and many others. Mom gave Marianne and I iris and monkey grass some years ago. The monkey grass borders the flowerbed around our mail box and the iris mark the line between front and back yards. There is a mixture of colors in the bed, but only the peach has bloomed. Yellow, blue and purple will open soon. Thanks Mom, for the living memories of you.

The Christmas before she died, we gave Mom flowers for Christmas. Alzheimer's had taken its toll on her cognitive memory, but when Dad pointed them out to her, she stopped to smell the roses. This was the last photo I took of Mom. She got steadily weaker after that Christmas and died in April.

Thanks Marianne, for editing and enhancing the picture of Mom.


Gawdess said...

again beautiful, all of it, and nice new picture of you!

Ampersand said...

these are beautiful shots and memories.