Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Day 128 - Spraying the fields

While we were sitting at the dining room table playing cards, we heard a somewhat noisy vehicle approaching. We looked out the window and saw a sprayer zip by rather close to our back fence. As it disappeared, I got my camera, assuming he would return. He did and I shot 4 quick photos. Three of them are similar to the above and the last (below) shows the backside of the sprayer. I have seen these machines on the roads around Frederick. They load up at a farm supply store and drive to the customers field and start spraying - no need to stop and mix chemicals or transfer spray from one container to the sprayer. The sprayer kept making passes back and forth across the field getting further from us and apparently finished the field. The spray booms fold up along side the vehicle for driving on roads. The booms are longer than I had estimated (30 feet), coming in 60 or 80-foot widths. For more information see the GVM web site. I also posted a picture of one of these on my other blog last Friday.


Desert Songbird said...

Those fields look so lush.

Gawdess said...

that is not something I would expect to see by my back fence!

Katney said...

Sometime I should get a picture of the type of sprayers used in the vineyards around here. Theya re quite different fromthese.

Thak you for telling me about the other end of I-84. I didn't realize that it had an eastern segment.

I-90, on the other hand, extends uninterrupted all the way from Seattle to Boston (or Boston to Seattle, depending on your point of view.) When daughter #2 was attending college in Boston, she was asked where her home was. She pointed out the window and told her inquirer that you just get on that highway out there and turn left at Ellensburg.