Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day 131 - Remembering Mom

A lot of us did puzzles with our Mom's when we were kids, but how many have Moms that are the subject of a puzzle? This happened to Mom when she was about 70. The ladies at the church were planning a Christmas program and wanted someone to play the part of a Christmas tree to go along with the song "O Christmas Tree". The ladies asked Mom and persuaded her to do the part. The idea was for her to wear a green, full-body leotard. She would be decorated with garland and battery powered, twinkling lights. As Mom told the story, she had never in her life worn a leotard, not even as a little girl (they were not so popular back in the twenties). So, she went shopping - no green leotards to be had in the whole town. So she ended up buying red. The night of the program, the lights were turned off; the choir began singing; and Mom, in her bright red leotard and twinkling lights, pirouetted across the stage. Dad, naturally, took a picture of Mom in costume when they were back home. He had prints made and sent them as Christmas cards to family and friends.

So, you ask - what about the puzzle?

Mom's older brother was somewhat of a prankster. He sent his card off to a company that made personalized puzzles and sent the puzzle to Mom as a present the following Christmas. Here's the finished puzzle, reassembled today.

And here is the Christmas card from that year (photo c1986 by Dad).

Thanks Mom, for all the memories.


Cindy said...

Thank you for sharing that Lew. I got a great kick from it. Your mama was a very special person.

-TNChick- said...

That's pretty neat, I think - a wonderful memory and a neat treasure to have. What a great Mom she was, eh? =)

Lew said...

Thanks tnchick - yes she was a great Mom.

the teach said...

What a great Mom Lew! BTW Thank you for participating in my "What if" meme. I've posted the results for everyone to see! Come visit! :D

Karin said...

What a great story and remembrance of your mom. She sounds like she had a delightful sense of humor!

Gawdess said...

utterly lovely!!!
i enjoyed this post so much, thank you.
what a wonderful tribute!