Monday, October 29, 2012

Storm Watch - Sandy

October 29 7:50 PM
Still raining (and will all night). The creek is out of its banks (photo here). Wind is still not strong but is expected to get stronger. One power hit so house dark for about two seconds (and all clocks blinking "12:00"). Power is out at my daughter's house in New Jersey. Local TV stations are in full time weather report mode. 

October 29 9:30 AM EDT

Steady rain, no wind. Dentist office canceled my appointment for today.

October 29 1:10 AM EDT
Hurricane Sandy spent the day off the North Carolina coast pounding the beaches with wind, rain, and strong waves. Hurricanes normally veer to the northeast and stay over the Atlantic, but Sandy is turning more to the north and is expected to come inland around the Delaware/New Jersey shore. Tropical force winds extend out 500 miles from the center, so warnings are up for most of the northeast US and Canada. Flooding and power outages are expected over a wide area. Government officials are urging people to evacuate flood prone areas. Schools, government offices, and businesses will be closed on Monday. The TV weather people are out in force, with hair blowing and wet faces, to bring us pictures of waves crashing ashore.
We have light rain and wind today, but 60 mph wind and 5 - 10 inches of rain are predicted for the next 36 hours. In our area, flooding creeks are likely to close some roads and falling trees may cut off power, but the worse damage will likely be east and north of the Washington, DC area. We brought in stuff from the yard, including the witch that smashed into the tree, for safe keeping.
Keep safe everyone!


imac said...

Thoughts and Prayers for you my friend, Stay safe Lew.

Sylvia K said...

Yes, indeed, Lew! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family! Stay safe! It does sound/look terrifying!