Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy Update 10:30 AM

Sandy has moved north. We have gentler winds and light rain. It is still a big storm. NOAA radar shows in stretching from the New York City area to Lake Michigan. In Frederick County there are 27,000 customers without electricity. At midnight it was 32,000 so the crews have been at work. The creeks are still out of the banks. Road closures are now 82, with many of the new closures due to downed trees and utilities. From our house it looks like the only issues are small limbs and leaves. The dentist is in - so I will be out to see a little wider view of the area this afternoon.


Sylvia K said...

So glad things are mostly safe in your part of the world, Lew! Thanks for the update!!

imac said...

Julie and I send our Thoughts and Prayers to blogging Friends and everyone - who is in the path of Hurricane Sandy across the big pond - Hope all is safe and sound - God Bless you all.

Thanks for the updates Lew. Stay Safe my friend.