Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy Update 31 Oct 1206 AM

Post-Tropical Cyclone Sandy (aka "Hurricane Sandy") has left our area for Pittsburgh and areas north. Along the coast there is much destruction from Maryland to New York. Across Frederick County there is flooding, trees down, and power outages, but not much damage to homes and businesses. The above photo was taken at 10 AM from our house. Israel Creek normally is in the trees on the far sde of the water and cows graze in the field. The photo below was taken about 3:30 PM. Note the tree on the point above and the water rise.

Carroll Creek runs through the downtown section of Frederick City and regularly flooded parts of the city. A flood control project some years ago now routes excess water through three underground conduits to the east side of Frederick. One channel of water stays above ground flowing through the linear park along the creek.  


This road crosses Israel Creek upstream from the first photo. The road closed sign is permanent and folds shut when the road is open. Also note the power company's tree trimming to keep our computers humming.
I saw minor damage to trees on my trip to the dentist and downtown. However, there were still  50 roads closed due to down trees and flooding.  Some 20,000 customers were still without electricity. Power has been restored to around 12,000.


Sylvia K said...

The damage and destruction has been horrendous from what I've seen and heard!! So glad you escaped any serious problems! Thanks for the photos, Lew! Stay safe and dry!

imac said...

Great shots Lew, Pleased you're ok and thank goodness for your flood routs.

Jackie said...

Oh my goodness! I've been following Sandy on the news, and we've had effect of her here (deep South)...but I know that the northeast is tremendously and adversely affected by this storm.
Continue to take care of you.
Your photos are great ones.