Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Root Beer Man

I visited the Great Frederick Fair yesterday and shot some scenes (next week will be "fair week" on my blogs). Among the concessions at the fair, this one caught my eye, first because of the old red truck, and second because I was thirsty. The truck is a 1937 Ford with the root beer stand built on the back. The truck still runs and is tagged for highway use, but the proprietor hauls it on long trips. He travels to 20 fairs a year, mostly in New York, but also Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina and Florida.

Serving one up

Mine's paid for

Root beer kid


Sylvia K said...

What a fun post, Lew! I love root beer and this is great! Terrific photos!



katney said...

I like his outfit, too. We remembered that the Central Washington Fair was coming up starting this weekend when we passed a lot of similar rigs on our way home the other day.

quilly said...

I want a root beer float and what a cool place to get one!

John said...

I used to go to big steam fair around here, but I have not been for years. Fairs are great for photos. Tried root beer; doesn't work for me, but love the photos. I'll have to see how you get on with the 40DX. I have digital compacts and bridge cameras, but no DSLR. I love using 35mm monochrome film, so my SLR work is strictly film.

√ Abraham Lincoln said...

I enjoyed the post. Root Beer is one of my favorites.

Thanks for helping me to make history.
Pick a Peck of Pixels

PERBS said...

What a neat experience! I bet that guy has lots of memories of his travels with the root beer kid and that old truck!

PERBS said...

Forgot to say that I dropped by to see if you had a bench and instead you had a counter!

SandyCarlson said...

That looks yummy. What fun, too!