Monday, September 28, 2009

Black and white clouds

We had some dramatic clouds moving by with a strong wind Sunday. I took a few b&w shots as well as color. The leaves were blowing too and I found one looking like a strange plane in the image below.


PERBS said...

Gosh, I thought it was a plane too! Great catch!

quilly said...

UFO! Quick call The Globe! You can get rich! LOL.

The lack and white clouds are very dramatic.

James said...

Hi Lew. Great photos. I especially like the one with the falling leaf.
I was trying to get a picture like that when I was in Valley Forge, but none of the leaves in my pictures had such great definiton like yours.

maryt/theteach said...

Sure does look like a plane, Lew! Love the Black& White AND the color photos! :)