Monday, March 3, 2008

Bridges between - Carroll Street bridge, Frederick, Maryland

This bridge looks like it was built the old way, stone by stone. It was not. It is a modern concrete bridge on which a mural was painted. The mural was a community project with thousands of people contributing ideas, money and time. The artist, William Cochran, says that bridges do more than get us from one side to the other, they connect us in other ways and are a way to over come our differences to build a community. The bridge has its own web site with more information on the project. See my post of Feb 15 for more picturesof the mural.

The water under the bridge is Carroll Creek. In 1976 the creek flooded downtown Frederick the city leaders built a flood control system with a linear park along its banks. The walkways on each side of the water cover large ducts which carry the floodwater through the business district and releases it in farmland near the Monocacy River. For other pictures see my posts of Jan 20 and Jan 7

"Bridges between" is a meme started by RuneE to post pictures and text of bridges in the "widest possible interpretation of the name".


Paulie said...

How very interesting! beautiful mural on the walls also. Intriguing background story too. Come and see my entry. . . scroll down a couple entries to view it when you get there.

Katney said...

That is quite a fascinating project.

Gawdess said...

Never would have known that the rocks were painted on! I am fond of bridges

RuneE said...

A bridge planned, built and decorated by a whole community sounds a nice idea. At this distance I could have sworn that it was built "in the old-fashioned way". It must have been fun to take part.

PS I'll put you blog on the list

Josie Ray said...

You are very well informed about what's going on around you. It's interesting to read.