Friday, February 15, 2008

Day 46 - Old fountain?

Late this afternoon I went back to Carroll Creek for today's pictures. This will be a recurring subject in my efforts to photograph the world around me this year. This picture was taken from the walkway along the creek. What do you think it is? Here is a close-up view.

And a side view.
The whole structure around the Carroll Street bridge over the creek is a mural. The artist was William M. Cochran and the mural was a community project which is described on this web site. Here is another detail of the wall. You can almost feel the joints between the stone blocks.

There are other examples of Mr Cochran's work in Frederick. I'll share some later in Project 365.


Gawdess said...


Desert Songbird said...

Beautiful mural. You did a fabulous job of capturing the details.

Josie Ray said...

Oh, my goodness. That is beautiful and so lifelike! We definitely will want to go see that. Wish I could paint like that. I have a great book on Trompe Loeil painting called The Painted House, and love to just sit and look at it.

Josie Ray said...

Oh, wow! I just realized that the ivy was painted on, too! Unbelievable. I especially love, love, love that farm scene painted on to a single stone. This is clearly an artist who truly loves his work.