Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day 89 - Rites of spring

There are several traditional rites of spring in Washington and today they coincided: cherry blossoms, kites, the National Marathon, baseball and crowds. Marianne (see her pictures here and there) and I went specifically to photograph the cherry blossoms and in the process found the two of the other rites. I thought we could photograph the blossoms and Jefferson Memorial from Lady Bird Johnson Park across the Potomac. Wrong! The entrance is blocked due to road construction in the area. So we crossed the river into DC to go to Hains Point, which is lined with cherry trees and away from the more famous tidal basin. We quickly found the crowds, still in their cars looking for a place to park! So we followed along and eventually found a place to park and take some pictures.

First, the beauty of the cherry blossoms

Slow crawl to leave Hains Point

Fully blossoming tree by the Potomac

Crowds near the Washington monument

Still a few kites in the air!


~**Dawn**~ said...

Gosh, those are pretty.

Karin said...

The cherry blossoms are really so beautiful. No wonder they draw crowds! By the way, I love how you changed your banner :)

Gawdess said...

I like all the pictures very much, we are still a little while away from blossoms - I also like the new banner at the top of the blog.