Sunday, March 25, 2012

Verified Words - 22-nd Edition

Verified Words are new words created by blogger to test our ability to decipher strange fonts (and foil the spammers). Occasionally, blogger provides a real word when I comment on your blogs. I am posting new editions in place of "Odd Shots" for a while. I am including some double word phrases that have appeared recently on blogger. They are harder to "spoof" than the single words and also give and wikipedia problems. This time I have the phrase as it appeared.

Here are three more of my definitions along with the suggestions of and wikipedia. First edition was posted as Round 1. Today's words:

djkpbere - NOT a word, suggested "emulge".
wikipedia - NOT a word, suggested "dupere".
Lew's definition: dj-kp-bere - One-man pub worker.

quethru - NOT a word, suggested "jethro".
wikipedia - NOT a word,  no suggestion.
Lew's definition: que-thru - to break in line at the lunch counter.

atedfi rumeente - NOT two words, suggested "EDIF", "ruminate".
wikipedia - NOT two words, suggested "ateji", "rumen".
Lew's definition: ate-d-fi ru-meen-te - ate the fine cow.

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