Sunday, March 4, 2012

Verified words? - 19-th edition

Verified Words are new words created by blogger to test our ability to decipher strange fonts (and foil the spammers). Occasionally, blogger provides a real word when I comment on your blogs. I will post new editions in place of "Odd Shots" for a while. This week I add some of the double words that recently began to test our vision and frustrate our commenting. Here are three more of my definitions along with the suggestions of and wikipedia. First edition was posted as Round 1.

Today's words:
weenimis - NOT a word, suggested "weenies".
wikipedia - NOT a word, suggested "weenies".
Lew's definition: weeni-mis - Give me some hotdogs.

wingsly service - NOT a word, suggested "winsley service".
wikipedia - NOT a word, no suggestion.
Lew's definition: wing-sly ser-vice - Extra wings on your chicken order.

Kennect Order - NOT a phrase, suggested buy a "Kinect" for your Xbox.
wikipedia - NOT a word, suggested "kinect order".
Lew's definition: Ken-nect Or-der - Practitioners of perpetual motion.

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