Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PhotoShop - Covered bridge

I use PhotoShop Elements to edit and resize the images I post on my blogs. Occasionally I decide to push the elements beyond gently improving the color or composition or contrast. The above image is just  resized to 900 pixels to make uploading faster. The next three images have been edited for contrast and/or brightness.

Increased contrast

Increased contrast, decreased brightness

Increased contrast to max, increased brightness


Sylvia K said...

How fun! I really like the second and third ones, Lew, although they're all great! I get the feeling you're enjoying Photoshop! I may have to look into it! Hope your week is going well!


Patty said...

You did a great job with AP. Sometimes I just play with filters and HDR, surprising myself. Sometimes I surprise my self too much and go back to the original. Yours are just right. Enjoyed the fruits of your labor.