Saturday, August 6, 2011

PhotoShop - Adjusting color

Every now and then I like to play around with the features of PhotoShop Elements. I took the above image about two weeks ago, cropped it and posted in on Lew's Favorites blog.

Then I played around with the Adjust Color effect. The image below has the red hue set to minus 110.

Then I ran the red hue to the other end of the spectrum (plus 80). Each effect started with a fresh copy of the cropped image. Changing the green and blue hue had little effect on this particular image.

And finally I applied the glowing edges effect, one of my favorites.


Teacher's Pet said...

I haven't tried the glowing edge effect...but after seeing this, I'm going to try it. My Mama's name is Rose...and I love every photo of a rose. Beautiful!!!

Gypsy Lala said...

Wow, I never tried before, I like the effect on the last photo.