Monday, February 8, 2010


With snow on the roof and the sun shining, we get icicles. Here are some outside out dining room window. The tip of an icicle is below, followed by a PhotoShop enhanced image (sharpened, auto color applied and contrast added).


imac said...

Like it Lew.

Sylvia K said...

Great shots as always, Lew! Brrrrrr it does look cold! Have a great week!


Patty said...

Wonderful photos, Lew. I have been missing you so I am glad you stopped by. The newspaper keeps me busy and all this snow has had me running around trying to beat deadlines.

We really got socked-in didn't we? More on the way, so they say. Think about me slipping and sliding out there in the coming mess while you are toasty warm. Brrr. I feel like that icicle in your photo.

Stay warm and safe.

Nat Hall said...

You too have a nice blog, Lew.
Thank you for such pictorial log - what an insight of your part of the worls :)