Friday, February 5, 2010

Here we go again!

I saw the first snowflakes about 10:30 AM. When I took the above shot about 1 PM, not much had stuck (snow in the field is from last week). At 4:30 (picture below), the flakes were large and the snow was sticking. The forecast is for 2 feet (or more) before ending Saturday night. Tonight the winds will pick up and I expect a lot of drifting.

We do not often get a foot of snow in this area - maybe every five years or so. This is the second major snow storm this winter which is a record. (May have happened back in the ice-age, but those records are not online yet!) The local governments got ahead of this one: schools are closed and snowplows are ready even before the snow started. Local TV stations are in full snow coverage mode with reporters standing in the snow by the roads telling us to not drive. One reporter is even doing live reports from a moving car! Airlines are canceling flights.


Sylvia K said...

Wow! You guys have had a LOT of snow! It's gorgeous when you're looking at the photos, but I know how cold it is and does make getting around more complicated! Take care, stay warm and have a great weekend!


Patty said...

You certainly captured the beauty of the snow.