Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cicada shell

I was sitting on the deck taking a break from mowing the grass, when I spotted this strange creature on a fence post. So I got my trusty Nikon and took a couple of shots. It is the shell of a Cicada that has molted and is now up in the trees singing for a mate. Then it was back to finish the mowing ( and pull a few weeds).


quilly said...

These shells so amaze me. I can't imagine how the cicada gets out yet leaves it still intact! I also marvel at the way the husks will cling to trees for weeks after the molting!

Katney said...

I was about to say the same thing Quilly has said. How do they do that?

The tree and mist and steep slope you admired at 365... was in Alaska when we last cruised--in Tracy Arm. We are preparing to go again in three weeks. My husband is already packed.

Rocky Mountain Retreat said...

Whoa, that's just really amazing. I always find nature just most fascinating in everything they do... great picture.

Sylvia K said...

Amazing! Great shot! And, it gave you a break from mowing the lawn! That can only be good!

Have a great week, Lew!

Glennis said...

We get these dried shells on the walls too, apparently the insects have been in the ground for many years growing before they crawl up the wall.