Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 288 - A froe and a frog

To follow Karin's suggestion, I opened Marianne's BIG dictionary randomly and landed on page 570 and spotted the words froe (also "frow") and frog. I knew I had an old froe that I bought some years ago at a tool auction. I then remembered that one part of a plane (not the flying kind) has a "frog" as one of its parts. The plane below was my Grandfather's.


Karin said...

Now this is educational! I didn't know what a froe was and I didn't know that definition of frog. :)

Gawdess said...

great pictures and such a cool idea!

quilly said...

I knew about the plane and the frog (my grandfather and my former father-in-law were both carpenters) but I had to look up the froe.