Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 231 - Rear window view - still green

Another view from my home office window. Our grass is still green and the corn in the field is high - not a bad summer here.


♥tnchick♥ said...

So pretty - anyone would be happy with that view.. I see that corn, it sure is nice and green. Some here isn't so green but there are a few crops that are.

Rec'd box tops today! Thank you so very much!!! =)

Abraham Lincoln said...

The view is nice. I have an office tacked on the back our our house and two windows that look out on my backyard. I posted a picture of it on my Brookville Blog recently. Everything is green there but showing signs of summer/fall stress and a lack of rainfall. My front yard is on a slight incline and not shaded and it is turning brown. I hate it when it does that because it has done that in the past and I ended up losing most of the grass and had to reseed.

I would borrow two or three ears of that field corn and eat it like sweet corn. We used to live at our first house with a field in the back like this and when they put field corn out we would sample a few ears. It is not like sweet corn but it tasted good.

Gawdess said...

you have such a lovely backyard and you take such nice pictures of it and you were partly responsible for the pergola we just had built in our yard because I like yours so much!