Saturday, August 2, 2008

Day 215 - Storm leaving, no mystery here

After a week of hot and hazy days, the skies rumbled and grumbled and flashed and dropped lots of water and a little hail on us today. It started before dawn, jolting Marianne and the boys (I slept right through it). This afternoon, I took Chris up to do some practice driving in the school parking lot and as we were finishing another storm came through. I then went to get a propane refill for our outdoor grill, thinking we would have a cookout today. The storm pictured above was leaving town, but when I got home the next one was arriving, so we cooked our steaks inside. I took only a few pics, all of the sky.

The mystery number is 7! Gas had dropped to $3.89 earlier in the week and when I went to fill up yesterday it was $3.79. That is an amazing 24 cents in two weeks.

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Katney said...

I paid $4.05 yesterda. In one spot in Califonia we paid $4.97 a week and a half ago. Nevada was way lower, but we didn't need gas in Nevada.