Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 212 - What is it? (and yesterday's answer)

Here's a new mystery photo.

And here is yesterday's full picture. gawdess and karin were on the right track. It is a kitchen implement and it is the screen in the door of Marianne's coffee warmer. (We also cook other food in it too). For the record I used zoom to get the effect instead of cropping.


BouBou's said...

Doh! One of those "of course that's what it is!" moments. LOL We had inherited an ancient microwave with our last home that I remember looking at very closely, wondering if it was safe to use. *L* We don't have one at all anymore and don't miss it.

As for the new pic... my first thought is the metal legs of a folding table.


Karin said...

Yep, I agree it's one of those slap your forehead moments. Of course that's what it is!

I have no idea on the new one, though.

Gawdess said...

you are tricky!!!!!!
I don't think I would have figured out microwave on my own -
and for my next guess - um a baker's rack or similar furniture!!!!