Friday, January 17, 2014

Reflections - In a cold puddle

after a little snow and rain.

Hosted by James at Weekend reflections.


'Tsuki said...

What a perfect puddle reflection... Well done.

Ruth Kelly said...

Puddles work!

James said...

The reflection is nicely framed by the grass and snow. Speaking of snow that's whats falling right now.

TheChieftess said...

Nice!!! I'm partial to upside down reflections!!!

Patty said...

What's happening, Lew? Brrrr. Looks like snow. I hear our Crisfield house has about 7 inches of snow. We got about 2 inches here in my part of the Georgia mountains. Georgia sure beats Crisfield. No way do we miss that place. Just wish we could sell our house. If you know anyone who wants to live in a ghost town, send them my way. Ha!

Looks like you have been busy. As usual, your photos are great. I enjoyed checking in.

BTW, being back in Georgia I think of you every time someone says, "Ya'll." You once reminded me that the correct way to say that is, "All ya'll," so you are always on my mind.

Stay warm!