Sunday, April 1, 2012

Verified words? - 23-rd edition

Verified Words are new words created by blogger to test our ability to decipher strange fonts (and foil the spammers). Occasionally, blogger provides a real word when I comment on your blogs. I am posting new editions in place of "Odd Shots" for a while. I am including some double word phrases that have appeared recently on blogger. They are harder to "spoof" than the single words and also give and wikipedia problems. Here are three more of my definitions along with the suggestions of and wikipedia. First edition was posted as Round 1. Today's words:

dockemin - NOT a word, suggested "docken".

wikipedia - NOT a word, suggested "dockerin".
Lew's definition: dock-em-in - Harbor master's command to his crew.

foefo - NOT a word, suggested "feofor".
wikipedia - NOT no suggestion.
Lew's definition: foe-fo - Jack's giant gets tongue tied.

wherend ivaidin - NOT two words, suggested "EDIF", "whered", " avidin".
wikipedia - NOT two words, suggested "weekend", "ivaldi".
Lew's definition: wher end i-vaid-in - Where ends invading? (A question for the presidential candidates.)


Ann said...

these verification gives me a big headache. Twice, I was nearly banned by facebook, because my brain is not tuned towards words that don't mean anything.

imac said...

Real side crackers Lew,lol.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I dislike word verification with a vengeance and do not use it on my blogs, fast coming to think I will no longer comment on blogs of those who do as it often takes a couple of attempts to post a comment!