Sunday, April 3, 2011

Odd Shots - Behind the facade

On Saturday, I posted a shot of a building for the theme "closed". This odd shot shows why the building is closed.

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katney said...

Aha. I saw the front on the other blog and here is the odd part. It reminds me of a wacky postcard when we visite Mt. Rushmore years ago. It was the "back of the mountain" and the back of Washingon, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt bent over leaning into the hill.

So when you commented on mine that it was a good "odd hot" was it a typo or a great pun?

RuneE said...

When I see the two photos in combination, I have no problems in understanding that they find it difficult to sell this property. Especially considering the history you mentioned in your comment.

Ann said...

What are they keeping the facade for? Here in New Zealand, sometimes they keep a facade, and build behind it. So you won't know that the old building is not there any more.

Ann said...

Nadine was based on a real person. That was my first venture into writing five years ago.
I posted the rest of the story in my
This was the reason why I started blogging. It was to showcase my writing.
Of course, at that time, I didn't know any of you, so my writings were not read.
Thank you all for reading and commenting.