Thursday, March 17, 2011

Autos - Little yellow car

Imac, a British blogger whose photography and humor I thoroughly enjoy, posted as his header this week a "retro" lotus. That reminded me that I had shot a more recent vintage Lotus here in Frederick last August. My grandson was the first to spot it as we were walking down Market St. and he had to have a closer look. I ask the gentleman in the above shot if he was going to get his checkbook to make an offer for this vehicle, but he (as I) said it is out of his price range. We also agreed that at our age, the knees don't allow us to sit that low while driving. Imac, this one is for you!

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imac said...

Lew, she's a beauty, I think my knees would buckle in there too.
Thankyou my friend for dedicating this post to me and a link.Im honoured kind Sir.