Wednesday, February 2, 2011

PhotoShop - levels

Usually I have my camera set to automatic, no flash. On the night before we went to the Frederick Fair last September I took some shots of the moon in manual mode and forgot to reset. At the fair the sun was extremely bright, making checking images on the display impossible until we went inside one of the buildings. The result was some highly over-exposed images, like the one above. It was then that I saw something was wrong and reset my camera. Back home, I tried several enhancements in PhotoShop Elements to improve the image quality. Adjusting the levels resulted in the image below which I like.

I also took another shot when we completed our circuit of the fair grounds. This one has only been resized, so you can see the Nikon does a great job of exposure if left on its own.


imac said...

Im with you Lew, cant beat the Nikon.

Fotobloggen 2011 said...

I agree Nikon does a great job all by itself ;-)I like mine a lot even though my Panasonic also does a good job for me :-)