Monday, November 1, 2010

Gates and alleys - New gate

With a few pieces of lumber and some deck screws, I made a new gate to replace the one that collapse on us earlier this year. I had called or visited most of the fencing places in the area and found they only had three-rail style gates. It seems that the housing developers and homeowners assocaitions in new developments have decreed that only three-rail fences are allowed and thus the disappearance of gates to match our old fence.

Here is the old gate still on the other side of the house that will also be replaced soon.

And with this post I am staring a new theme Gates and alleys, which will appear here from time to time. Downtown Frederick has some interesting gates and alleys and I will post some shots of them.

1 comment:

imac said...

I like the new gate, but that old gate just looks as tho it could tell a tale or 2.