Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oktoberfest in Frederick

Oktoberfest was celebrated in Frederick last weekend. The event is spearheaded by two Rotary Clubs of Frederick and raises money to support Rotary Club efforts and local charities. Frederick has had a tie to Germany since colonial days when German immigrants settle in this area. This year feature music by Die Immergr√ľn Musikanten.

While the band played and people danced at one end of the hall, food was served at the other. The people standing at the right edge of the image above were waiting to eat (including me behind the camera). At the end of the line there was sauerbratten, bratwurst, knockwurst, potato salad, sauerkraut, strudel, German chocolate cake and Black Forest cake. Plenty of bier was available (but I am the designated driver, so we had apple cider). Later we grabbbed some delicious strudel from this vendor.

Arts and crafts vendors are a big part of the festival. We were disappointed that some of our favorites from last year did not return, but the chain saw sculpture was their and we bought a new wooden jack-o-latern. (Marianne posted more shots.)

And if your wear traditional German dress (drindl or lederhosen) admission was free (otherwise it was $5). I like the hats (this gentleman did qualify for free admission).

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Sylvia K said...

Have really enjoyed following your Oktoberfest activities, Lew! As I mentioned before, I lived in Germany for nearly two years and we always enjoyed the huge festivities! Great photos!