Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Small visitor

Ever now and then Marianne yells for me to come see something. For a while it was the hummingbirds, which sipped a couple of times and flew away by the time I arrived. Today she sounded more excited than usual and I arrived with camera to see this fawn at our patio door. After watching through the glass, I decided to go out and send him/her back to mommy deer. The fawn looked up as I approached and bolted at the shutter click. It stopped by the fence and then disappeared, only later to come back and lie down near our deck. I set a pan of water near his spot and he bolted again, returning later this shady (it's 102 again today!) resting spot. We worried that he would be in danger alone and called the county animal control office. They said it was normal for the fawns to wander during the day, but mommy deer was sure to be near and they would get back together at nightfall.


Sylvia K said...

What a cutie! Terrific captures, Lew! How fun and I do hope Mama Deer finds him okay! Have a lovely evening!


katney said...

What a precious blessing!

Anonymous said...

Soooo soooo sweeeet! It's so small - You wasn't lying about it being a little one! Still has so many spots on it - I wonder where its momma was!