Saturday, November 8, 2008

Day 313 - Squirrels and leaves

The squirrels have been very active feasting and hiding the bumper crop of acorns. These two spent a good part of the morning digging through the leaves to find the acorns. (The tree at the left is an oak; the maple is just out of the picture to the right.) This afternoon I went to load up bags of leaves to haul to the compost site and this one was sitting on the post. I was able to get my camera out of the van, walk to within 6 feet of him and take several shots before he scurried on across the fence.


quilly said...

Bumper crop of acorns! You know that usually means a bumper crop of snow!

IT was very friendly of that squirrel to hang out and let you snap his pic. He's quite handsome.

Gawdess said...

love that up close shot of the squirrel, real character there!

Karin said...

Awesome capture of that squirrel!